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We believe that awareness of social responsibility starts with the individual. 
That is why, within the team of Svizera Europe, we manage a paperless office. Additionally, we separate all kinds of waste for recycling.

We strive to reuse products and materials, and whenever applicable, we donate items which would have gone to waste to end users facing a crisis situation where there is no availability for more suitable alternatives. This ensures that the total waste generated by our company is lowest possible.

As well as the paperless office and our recycling project we implement all kinds of modifications that lead to an "environmentally neutral" building.

Svizera holds its own bonded warehouse complete with a quarantine and assembly section. Thanks to this facility we have total control over the packaging and assembly of our products, which enables us to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards. We continuously search tor the best way to improve our warehouse in innovative, responsible ways.

For instance, the entire office and warehouse is equipped with LED-lighting. The skylights in the warehouse are covered with Redusol. This is a protective layer which reflects a high level of sun light.

In the future, Svizera Europe will take the environmental policies of our freight carriers and suppliers into account during the selection process. We will request our suppliers for commitment to this code of conduct. In addition we will advise final users how to recycle or reuse the items that remain after using our products

At the moment Svizera Europe is carrying out research on sustainable solutions to the most commonly used products. For example, we give preference to long-lasting products over disposable ones.

In addition to our research on sustainable solutions, Svizera is developing a new line of products which contribute to a better society and environment and provide a solution to societal problems. Our Solar Power Supply Kit and Water Solution kits are the first in this new line.

As mentioned above we believe that awareness of social responsibility starts with the individual. Therefore Svizera Europe chooses to invest in the well-being and development of our team.

Alongside the investment in our own team, Svizera also finances a school project tor children and also provides scholarships to students in Rwanda.

We believe that pursuing the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the UN will contribute to a positive effect on society and the environment. Therefore, Svizera Europe participate in the Global Compact.

Through the above-mentioned improvements, we as a team believe we will make the most beneficial effect on society and the environment.

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Svizera holds the following certificates:


AEO Security and Safety





It is the aim the team of Svizera Europe to find alternative sources of energy that are environmentally and economical friendly that will contribute and improve the quality of life in rural areas. 
On our Svizera Solar website you can find out more about our Solar Solutions.



Svizera Europe has developed a line of products which provide a solution to the world wide problem of people living without access to clean water and sanitation possibilities. Visit our website to find more information about this line.

Social Corporate Responsibility

Social Corporate Responsibility

Svizera Europe is always in search for a better environment worldwide. We believe that awareness of social responsibility starts with the individual. But we also know that when you put your strength together you are able to achieve more.

Therefore Svizera Europe is inviting you to share your thoughts and ideas to optimize our practices to have the most beneficial effect. You are more than welcome to contact us.